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New side project launched – Jobatronic

4th January, 2010

Bzzzt…fzzzt…initialising. Jobatronic version 1.0 is online and ready to get jobseekers and recruiters together. Albeit in beta form at this stage 😉

Jobatronic - Jobs in Gloucestershire

Image uploaded via Flickr

I can haz a new side project live in the form of Jobatronic. It’s job is simple: to provide an easy to use job site for jobseekers and recruiters in Gloucestershire. Frankly the main reasons for doing it are:

  1. Many other similar sites for Gloucestershire are frankly dire. They are too focussed on monetising their site through advertising and spend little effort giving jobseekers and recruiters a good user experience. I wanted to change that.
  2. It gave me a new framework to play with in the form of Jobberbase, an open source job board software.

Time will tell if it’s a success, but for know I’m pleased I’ve learnt a new framework – yet another string to the ‘ol bow! In addition to a new framework, this is the first commercial project I’ve done using HTML5. The base template was XHTML and riddled with non-semantic code and table-based layouts, so just fixing those things took a lot of time. Then converting it to HTML5 was surprisingly easy once you’ve got the hang of the naming conventions and correct uses. In addition the site has plenty of CSS3 to spice up the layout and give advanced browsers a better look and feel. In particular I make use of @font-face to deliver the cartoon font on headings – even works in IE!

The hope is that this site will wash it’s face over the coming year, which considering it cost about £30 excluding my time, should be fairly straight forward. So if you are in Gloucestershire and have a job to post or want to find a job, please drop by the Jobatronic site.


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