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Design is about being forward thinking

12th January, 2010

I am saddened by the masses of people who refuse to move with the times and help drive the community forward. I speak of course about adoption of CSS3, HTML5 and progressive enrichment in general. Just becasue CSS3 isn’t a standard and not all the browsers support it should not stop us as designers from using it. Otherwise all websites will look bland and exactly the same.

Thankfully I’m not alone:

So your pages might not validate to an experimental validator. So what?

Who cares?

Nobody dies.

Quoting the ever sensible and erudite Andy Clarke of course.

In short: use the tools you want, for the projects you want, backed up by the methods you want, make sure they work and only use when it’s appropriate.

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  1. 12th January, 2010 12:20 pm

    Totally agree, the only way to force change is to use the technologies available and make them wide spread.
    As long as you make sure that the site degrade gracefully in browsers that lack support for new features like CSS3 there should be no problem.

  2. 13th January, 2010 4:17 pm

    Glad you think I’m talking sense for once 🙂

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