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“Draconian” Digital Economy Bill

20th April, 2010

UPDATE: This has now been passed into law and has simply cemented the approach that politicians are led by special interest groups and lobbyists rather than taking a real-world view or asking the public their opinion. A sad day for democracy.

No doubt I’m not alone in my views in why the Digital Economy Bill is a bad idea for free speech, democracy and the open web, but I had a response back from my local MP about concerns I raised with him:

Dear Mr Mason
Thank you for your email. At the moment, no date has been set for the Bill to be discussed in the Commons. It could therefore be that it will not get through here as there is so little time left before Parliament is dissolved for the General Election. But if it does reach us I will look at it closely and will certainly be here to vote and would be very concerned indeed about the draconian measures which appear to be contained in it.
Best wishes
Laurence Robertson M.P.

Draconian is a word you don’t hear often enough, but does succinctly describe the Digital Rights Bill.

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  1. 23rd March, 2010 11:19 pm

    It’s nice to see politicians with the correct view on this outrageous bill. I will be bitterly disappointed if this gets anywhere near law!

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