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Client work live and new hosting offering

19th July, 2010

Remiss of me to not mention this stuff on the blog, but I’ve launched a few client site recently, some of which are probably worthy of being added to the Sponge Project portfolio.

Your Health Club UK

WordPress-powered website for a gym and health club that allows the client to easily update content. Pre-set colour theme based on the client’s existing corporate colours made for a vibrant overall theme, counterbalanced by whites and greys. Am particularly happy with the photos on the home page. Has some interestingness added in the form of nested text-shadow for heading and footer text (more information here) and the ‘ol faithful jQuery rolling image gallery on the home page.

Your Health Club Huddersfield

Check out the Your Health Club UK website to see it all in action.

Tewkesbury Battlefield Society

Something slightly different in that the client is a local charity based here in Tewkesbury, who’s aim is to maintain the site for the Battle for Tewkesbury and promote awareness. If you’re interested in your War of the Roses history check out the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society website as it chronicles the battle that ended said war.

Tewkesbury Battlefield Society

Sponge Hosts

Yet another new side project for website hosting in Tewkesbury called Sponge Hosts. Nothing fancy going on here, but follows the same theme as the main Sponge Project website.

Sponge Hosts

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