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No new clients, but still busy

11th October, 2010

It’s been a while since the last post, so thought I’d give an update on where things are. Given I’m working full-time it’s hard to fit in work in the evenings and weekends and not end up neglecting my family. What has been happening however is a few bits and bobs for existing clients and some outsourced activity.

Existing clients

For those not in the know I run the Exam Angel website which needs ongoing maintenance and care. Specifically it’s been enhanced with some nifty discount coupons and will have a new set of question styles added. All built in PHP.

Exam Angel

As for other existing clients, I’ve been tweaking the previously designed White Rose Scuba Diving website with a new corporate visual identity.

White Rose Scuba Diving

Original design

White Rose Scuba Diving

Tweaked design

Outsourced activity

As with most things someone you can always find someone else willing to offload some work onto someone else in exchange for cash. Well I’ve been doing the receiving of work in exchange for cash and so far so good. Have done two PSD to HTML conversions and all bar the initial learning curve I seem to have settled into a groove with turning them around. The sticky point comes where the designs get complex and you have to cut it all up and re-assemble in HTML. But that said nothing insurmountable…yet.

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