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Side project changes – Jobatronic now something else

30th December, 2010

As with some things in life, what you envisage to begin with isn’t what something ends up being. Such is the case on my part with Jobatronic, a side project launched at the start of this year.

What started out as “I can do that better than the other guys” turned into “I’ve proved I can do it, now can I make it commercially successful?”. In short the answer was no, primarily due to a lack of time and focus on my part, but also a swift realisation that the market was saturated. Still I learned how to develop on the Jobberbase platform, something which I hitherto had not been able to do.

So this brings me back to the change in the side project. The eagle eyed follower of mine (there may be more than one…) will have noticed how the Jobatronic website has changed style and focus. It is now a showcase for my Jobberbase skillz, allowing me to offer free to download or purchasable templates. Over time (read: once the new Year hits) I’ll start developing my screencasting skills and running some tutorials on how to edit Jobberbase templates and setting up an associated blog. One step at a time.

Jobatronic ~ Jobberbase themes and templates

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