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Sponge Project is a trading name for Rob Mason and operates out of Tewkesbury, England. Sponge Project is all about web design and email design with web standards (hence soaking up the standards!) and accessibility. I’m a firm believer that a quality website starts with the bits the user cannot see, which means I look after the mechanics of the websites as well as the aesthetics.

I’m primarily a front-end specialist, focussing on designing and building the bits your see on a website. My skills lie in using techologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am also experienced in setting up and deploying WordPress-powered sites.

The origin of the name Sponge Project is very boring: a mate asked me to come up with a cool name for a website many years ago…the best I could do was Sponge Project. I thought it was genius, but only time will tell! Anyway Sponge Project may be a strange name, but at least it’s memorable.


I’ll will be using this blog for thoughts, comments and general musings on website design and creation. It will also double up as my personal blog where you’ll get opinion on and links to things that interest me in addition to stuff posted on Rob Mason [dot] org.

Now closed for new business, so this blog will be very limited.

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